About  2104:

2104 is a worldbuilding project designed through 4 years (and counting) of TTRPG experience and fleshed out in a concise and comprehensive manner of a webcomic. It is a dark sci-fi/cyberpunk post-apocalyptic war drama that provides insight into an alternate timeline of Earth’s history, where technological progress, instigated by extensive contacts with extraterrestrial lifeforms, clashes with basic human instinct and vices.

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For any potential inquiries: apocalypsecrew@year2104.xyz
Currently there are two members in the team:

Redwing – The comic’s artwork, visual design, interpreter of Crossroads’ convoluted flow of thought.

Crossroads – Writer, concept and storyboard artist, worldbuilding, keeps Redwing’s shitpost addiction in check.


Scenario proofreading performed by Enoch Root.
Phaerian race is very closely based on the Avali race by RyuujinZERO. The Avali race concept is used on the basis of CC BY-SA license.
As a whole, 2104 is heavily influenced by various literature and pieces of media, and sometimes includes direct and indirect references to them.